Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Born with One Foot in the Grave - A Must Read Book

Recently I have read the book called Born With One Foot in the Grave by Harry and Cindy Greiner. I found this book really good and emotional one. Claims are there that the tale is based on a true life story. here is the synopsis:

A true life of 4 generations of a family troubled with nephropathy and death. Finally through the miracle of organ transplants, Harry was the primary member of the family to measure and have his transplant for forty one years. Once their son Joe was inflicted with the disease, his transplant ought to be extremely made during this day and age. It absolutely was but became a nightmare by the incompetence of the Cleveland Clinic hospital. The permanent injury to Chris, the donor, and therefore the close to death of Joe, the recipient, brings this family to the depths of despair and close to suicide. 

Through a miracle of God they got a replica of the surgery and created the stunning discovery of however these therefore referred to as "world category surgeons" performed this surgery, and so tried to hide it up. As Joe and Chris suffer and their health declines, the family urgently searches through the medical conceal to avoid wasting their lives. Solely their religion and perseverance facilitate them to ultimately triumph.

Its a great book and easy read. More stories need to be told about the exact thing that goes on in the medical field all the time. This is a fantastic read and once you start reading it will be real hard to put the book down.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Con un pie en África: grandes mamíferos

Vols conèixer la ecologia i conservació de la fauna africana? ara en tens l’oportunitat amb aquest curs organitzat per Animal Latitude i @Bio+

Des de Animal Latitude ens arriba informació d’un curs introductori al l’estat de conservació d’Àfrica en general i de Kenia en particular, vinculat amb les poblacions dels animals més emblemàtics i dels menys coneguts; de grans mamífers però també dels més desconeguts

Iñaki Abella Gutiérrez, de @Bio+ ens aproparà a aquest món. Biòleg especialitzat en Zoologia i Màster en Conservació de la Natura, amb molta experiència en el treball de camp, ha desenvolupat la seva carrera en més de 8 països, amb diferents animals i ecosistemes. Actualment i des de fa 3 anys, viu a Kenia, on combina la investigació i conservació de la natura amb la educació ambiental.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Fe (Reyli album)

Original Release
"Todos Caben" – 4:47 (Barba, Juantorena, Él)
"Perdóname en Silencio" – 4:22 (Barba)
"Para Siempre" – 3:40 (Barba)
"Elena" – 4:17 (Barba, Castro)
"Pégale a la Pared" – 4:34 (Barba)
"Con un Pie en el Cielo" – 4:01 (Barba, Castro)
"Al Fin" – 4:55 (Barba)
"Para Que Pienses en Mí" performed by Concetta Costanzo – 3:10 (Costanzo)
"No Me Hace Falta Nada Más" – 3:42 (Barba)
"La Declaración" – 3:22 (Barba)
"Arrepentido" – 3:59 (Barba)
"Llueve y Llueve" – 4:31 (Barba)
"FE" - 3:46 (Barba, Flores)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Maroon (color)

Bright maroon

At right is displayed the color bright maroon, i.e., the color that was designated as maroon in Crayola crayons beginning in 1949. It is of dark brownish to purplish red shade. A medium shade of maroon halfway between red and rose.